Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil Heavy Duty 12 Inch Wide

Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil Heavy Duty 12 Inch Wide

130 sq ft

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Reynolds Wrap® Aluminum Foil. Trusted since 1947. Heavy duty. 130 sq ft (43.33 yds x 12in). 12.07 m2 (39.62m x 304mm). For sticky situations, try Reynolds Wrap®. Non-stick. For easy, delicious recipes visit Our unconditional guarantee offers complete satisfaction or your money refunded. Reynolds strength. Reyn. water printing inks. Foil label on 100% Recycled Paperboard®. To contact us: Call: 1-800-433-2244. Write: Reynolds Kitchens, PO Box 85583, Richmond, VA 23285-5583. Visit: ©2014 Reynolds Consumer Products LLC.

Strong enough for your toughest situations! Line pans before cooking to help make cleanup easy. Grill in foil packets to help lock in flavor and nutrients. Freeze food in foil for superior protection from air to help prevent freezer burn. Reynolds in the kitchen & around the house! Grilling fish: Shape foil around delicate fish to make a fish boat for the grill. Foil will keep fish from falling through the grill grate. Paint brushes & rollers: Wrap paint brushes and paint rollers in foil to keep them from drying out during temporary breaks while painting. Avoid paint splatters: Wrap doorknobs or other hard to remove accessories with foil to protect from paint splatters.

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Reynolds Consumer Products Inc.


1900 W. Field Court, Lake Forest, IL 60045 U.S.A.