QuickaSteam Microwave Cooking Bags

QuickaSteam Microwave Cooking Bags

25 ct pkg


Caution: Allow bag to stand approximately 30 seconds after opening. Hot steam may escape once cooking is complete so open bag away from the body.


QuickaSteam Microwave Steam Bags. Technology by Toastabags®. 25 large 3-6 serving bags. FDA approved. BPA and PFOA free. Retains flavour and goodness. Disposable. Single use only. Safety tested food safe. Growing UK jobs. It simply works! Lami. Microwave steam bags. No fuss healthy eating with the microwave steam cooking system. Quickasteam™ bags allow you to steam cook in your microwave, fresh and frozen vegetables, chicken, fish and more, sealing in the natural goodness and taste for a healthy diet. Toastabags is a trading division of Planit Products Ltd. Please re-cycle paper.

See how Quickasteam™ can save you up to 75% in time and energy! Conventional hob-oven: 850w microwave. Vegetables, peas, beans, broccoli: 8-10 mins: 2-3 mins. Cauliflower, corn, carrots: 10-15 mins: 3-4 mins. Potatoes: 15-20 mins: 4-5 mins. Fish: 10-15 mins: 4-5 mins. Chicken (pieces): 10-15 mins: 4-6 mins. Note: cooking times are approximate and would vary between fresh or frozen food and according to weight. Cooking instructions: 1.Food should be cut into similar sizes. 2. No need to add water or butter. 3. Seasonings can be added. 4. Place food in bag. 5. Remove peel strip, fold flap over and seal. 6. Make sure the flap is folded at least 2”/5cm, allowing steam to be released when cooking. 7. After cooking allow bag to stand for about 30 seconds to enable the steam pressure to be released. Cooking guidelines: 850w microwave. Weight one portion-Cooking time. Vegetables. peas, beans, broccoli: 100 g / 3-4 oz, 2-3 mins. Cauliflower, corn, carrots: 175 g / 6-7 oz, 3-4 mins. Potatoes: 175 g / 6-7 oz, 4-5 mins, 300 g / 10-11 oz, 5-6 mins. Fish: 130 g / 4-5 oz, 4-5 mins. Chicken (pieces): 100g / 3-4 oz, 4-6 mins. Leave bags to rest for approximately 30 seconds to allow steam to disperse.

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