Sistema Soup Mug Medium Microwave

Sistema Soup Mug Medium Microwave

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Do not use for popping corn. Do not use your sistema microwave product in a conventional oven, in a hot plate, under the grill, on the stove top or in convection microwave ovens using convection settings. Do not use in convection oven.


22.1 oz (656 ml). For recipes & handy tips visit: Phthalate & BPA free.

For you satisfaction & safety: [1] Before microwaving, put the lid on the container to prevent food splatters and click the vent open, this releases steam during cooking. [2] When reheating food, microwave in short 1-2 minute intervals to avoid overheating. [3] After removing container from the microwave, lave the vent open while the food is hot. [4] To avoid hot steam burning hands or face open the lid away from you. [5] Avoid cutting food inside the containers with sharp utensils. [6] Do not use abrasive cleaners or scrub pads. Freezing: [1] if storing container in the fridge or freezer close the vent. [2] Containers can become stiff after freezing. Allow the container to rest for a few minutes at room temperature or run under warm water before microwaving. [3] Always make sure the steam vent is set to open when defrosting. Cleaning & Care: Dishwasher safe [top rack]. To avoid staining or blistering we do not recommend heating foods like tomato based sauces, beetroot, curries or foods with high fat or high sugar content.

Country of Origin

Made In New Zealand.