Saran Wrap Premium with Easy Tear Cutting Edge

Saran Wrap Premium with Easy Tear Cutting Edge

100 sq ft

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Caution: Sharp cutting edge under tear strip.Warning: To avoid danger of suffocation, keeps wraps out of reach of children.


104 2/5 ft x 11 1/2 in) 9.2 m (31.8 m x 29.2 cm. A family company. Heavy duty. Durable. Easy tear cutting edge. Microwave safe. See microwave instructions on back panel. It's not just any wrap. It's Saran wrap! Thick wrap for easy handling. Stretches to seal. Excellent cling. Great value. A family company since 1886. Learn more at: Questions? Comments? Call 800-558-5252 or write Helen Johnson. For fresh ideas and storage solutions, visit our Website at As a result of SC Johnson's initiative to look for more sustainable and environmentally acceptable plastic, the film in Saran premium wrap does not contain chlorine. Fact you can feel good about. Product not formulate with BPA (Bispherol A). For more information, pleas visit our website at:

Microwave Instructions: To vent excess steam, turn back on corner of the wrap. For optimal results, use a container large enough to allow an inch between the wrap and the food. To prevent wrap from melting, food high in fat (like bacon) or sugar (like pastry) should not come into contact with the plastic wrap. Not for use in browning units, conventional ovens, stovetops or toaster ovens. Pull tab to remove strip.


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