Decor Match-ups Glass Storer Oblong Leak-Proof 4.2 Cup

Decor Match-ups Glass Storer Oblong Leak-Proof 4.2 Cup

1 ct pkg


Not for use in oven. Important: Do not put hot dish on to wet or cold surface. Usage and Safety Guidelines - Match-ups Glass: Please read and follow these usage and safety guidelines in order to maximise the life of your Decor Match-ups glass storer. Glass is breakable and must be handled with care. Breaking may occur from: impact - if the storer is dropped or knocked against a hard object; using a Decor Match-ups glass storer that is damaged, including chips, cracks or scratches; sudden and severe temperature changes applied to a Decor Match-ups glass storer. If used in the microwave, the primary risks associated with Decor Match-ups glass storers are: personal injury or property damage from breaking of the storer; burning when handling a hot storer; always handle a hot Decor Match-ups glass storer with dry potholders or Decor oven mitts. Be careful when handling broken glass. Broken glass pieces may be extremely sharp and difficult to locate; wear gloves and shoes when cleaning up broken glass. Temperature Changes: Avoid sudden or severe temperature changes. Always allow a hot storer to cool before covering with the lid, refrigerating, freezing. washing or rinsing (including in a dishwasher). Warning: Failure to heed these warnings or follow the instructions in this leaflet may cause you or someone in your kitchen to be seriously injured, or may cause your Decor Match-ups glass storer to break immediately or later.


1 L (4.2 US cups). Realseal: airtight & leak-proof. Lid match bases. Air vent release. Modular. Microwave reheat. Dishwasher safe. Freezer safe. Food safe. Clear red/seal. Thank you for purchasing your Decor Match-Ups glass storer. With Decor Match-ups storers, finding the right lid has never been easier. The lid colour match system means you match your coloured lid to the same coloured base. Your glass storer is specially designed for safe food storage in pantry, fridge and freezer. It is made from a strong, premium quality borosilicate glass that is food safe, microwave safe and dishwasher safe top rack. It won't stain or absorb flavours. To microwave reheat, simply click open the lid's air release vent button. Decor Match-ups with Realseal lid makes your container leak-proof and airtight to help keep food fresher for longer and avoid spills when taking meals on-the-go. Facebook. Instagram. Find us at Decor Australia. Decor Match-ups system is available in a variety of convenient sizes for all your storage needs in both glass and plastic. Glass Oblong (300 ml). Plastic Oblong (250 ml). Glass Round (500 ml). Glass Round (750 ml). Glass Round (1.5 L). Glass Oblong (350 ml / 600 ml). Plastic Oblong (500 ml / 800 ml / 1.75 L). Plastic Oblong (500 ml / 1.0 L / 1.75 L / 3.0 L). Glass Oblong (550 ml / 1.0 L). Plastic Oblong (650 ml / 1.0 L / 3.0 L). Glass Oblong (750 ml / 1.5 L). Plastic Oblong (900 ml / 2.0 L / 4.5 L). Glass Oblong (2.5 litre). Plastic Oblong (4.0 L / 8.0 L). BPA free. Decor products are free of BPA, PVC, lead and phthalates.

To ensure an airtight & leakproof seal: 1. Apply lid. 2. Release air. 3. Press vent closed. To remove lid open vent. Before using, please read the usage and safety guidelines. 1. Apply lid. 2. Release air. 3. Press vent closed. To remove lid open vent. Microwave Use:The Decor Match-ups glass storer can be used in the microwave with lid - vent open. Prior to reheating foods that release liquids. add a small amount of liquid to the storer. When microwaving with the lid on the storer, click the vent open to allow steam to be released during reheating. After removing the dish from the microwave, leave the vent open while the food is hot to allow it to cool. If storing, let the food cool then close the vent. Microwaving foods high in sugar, fat, tomatoes or curries may mark or stain the seal but will not affect its usability. Cleaning: Before use, remove all labels and wash. The air release vent can be easily removed for cleaning when required. Do not scrub the storer or lid with harsh or abrasive scourers or cleaners. Do Not: use in a conventional oven; place a hot Match-ups glass storer on a cold or wet surface - best to use a Decor silicone trivet or heat mat. Put a glass storer directly from the fridge or freezer into a microwave - allow contents to thaw and adjust to room temperature. Use in a toaster oven, cooktop, under a griller, or an open fire. Use any storer that is chipped, cracked or severely scratched. Strike utensils against the rim of the storer to dislodge food, or use knives to cut food in the storer. Use the storer to heat convenience foods in special browning wrappers. Use it for popping corn. Overheat oil or butter in the microwave. Heat an empty or nearly empty storer in the microwave. Handle a hot storer with anything wet. Add liquid to a hot storer. Nest glass storer whilst hot from the dishwasher.

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