Mop & Glo Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner Fresh Citrus Scent Squirt Bottle

Mop & Glo Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner Fresh Citrus Scent Squirt Bottle

32 oz btl


Keep out of reach of children.


Mop & Glo® Fresh Citrus Scent One Step Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner. Cleans shines & protects. Wood. Vinyl. Tile. And most hard surfaces. Cleans, shines & protects. Shine Lock™ formula provides a long lasting shine! Helps protect against everyday scratches. Mop & Glo® Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner with Shine Lock™ formula gives you the beautiful floors you deserve in one quick and convenient step. Contains no phosphorus. RB. Reckitt Benckiser. Questions? 1-800-228-4722. For ingredient information ©2012 RB.

Types of floors: safe to use on tile, vinyl, hardwood, marble, linoleum, ceramic, and no wax floors. Not recommended for unsealed/worn wood or unsealed ceramic surfaces. Test in an inconspicuous area first and always follow manufacturer's instructions. (Do not shake bottle). Before applying Mop & Glo®, sweep or vacuum the floor. 1. Squeeze out a small amount of Mop & Glo® directly onto floor. 2. Immediately use a damp mop, sponge or rag to spread product evenly over a 3'x4' area of the floor. 3. Rinse mop to remove dirt, move to the next area of the floor and repeat the process. Your floor will dry normally to a beautiful, long lasting shine in 10-20 minutes. After floor is dry, apply additional coats if a higher gloss is desired. Helpful hint. If your floor shows signs of build-up or discoloration regularly remove the older layers of polish with the following process: mix 1/4 cup Lysol® all purpose cleaner (non bleach containing), and add 1 cup ammonia in 1/2 gal. Of warm water and spread over floor. (Do not mix bleach based products with ammonia, test in an inconspicuous area first). If your sealed hardwood floor shows signs of build up remove the older layers of polish with a commercial floor stripper product suitable for your flooring, being sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations and testing in an inconspicuous area first.

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