Tide + Downy Free/Nature Liquid Laundry Detergent HE

Tide + Downy Free/Nature Liquid Laundry Detergent HE

92 oz jug


Made With: Cleaning Agents; Sodium C10-16 Alkylbenzenesulfonate, C10-16 Alkyldimethylamine Oxide, Stabilizers (Sodium Cumenesulfonate, Sodium Borate), Suds Reducer (Sodium Salts Of C12-18 Fatty Acids), Water Softener (Sodium Citrate), Enzymes (Amylase Enzyme, Mannanase Enzyme, Subitilisin, Cellulase Enzyme, Cleaning Aids (Polyethyleneimines Alkoxylated), Process Aid (Polyethyleneimines Alkoxylated), Process Aid (Sodium Formate), Solvent (Propylene Glycol), Water.


Caution: Eye irritant. Harmful is swallowed. See back label.Caution: May irritate eyes. Do not get in eyes. Do not reuse this package for dispensing beverages or other liquids. Keep out of reach of children.First Aid Treatment: Contains biodegrable surfactants (anionic and nonionic). If swallowed give a glassful of water or milk and call a Poison Control Center or doctor immediately. Do not induce vomiting. If in eyes, rinse well with water for 15 minutes.Contains no phosphate.


HE turbo clean. No perfumes. No dyes. For sensitive skin. HE turbo for all machines. Free of fragrance. Gentle on skin. Hypoallergenic. 59 loads (Contains approximately 59 loads as measured to bar 1 on cap). SmartLabel: Scan barcode with SmartLabel app for more info. Questions? 1-800-879-8433. For more ingredient information visit www.tide.com. Patents: www.pg.com/patents.

1: Large loads. 3: Medium loads. 5: HE full loads. Follow care label instructions, then sort. Test inside seam for colorfastness. Add detergent, then add clothes.