ECOS OXO Brite Multi-Purpose Stain Remover Chlorine Free

ECOS OXO Brite Multi-Purpose Stain Remover Chlorine Free

3.6 lb tub


In The Container: Thoughtfully Sourced Ingredients: Sodium Percarbonate (Mineral Based Stain Remover), Sodium Carbonate (Mineral Based Water Softener), Sodium Metasilicate (pH Adjuster).


Caution: Eye irritant. Store in a cool dry place and always replace lid after use.Don't leave any water and Ecos Oxo Brite Multi-Purpose Stain Remover mixed in a sealed container. The oxygen action will continue to expand and leakage may occur. Safely store out of reach of children.


Hundreds of uses! For every machine inlcuding HE. Chlorine free. Contains natural ingredients; color and body may vary. Hundreds of uses! Whites. Colors. Grout. Tablecloths. Pet stains. Carpets. Patio. Upholstery. See the clean. Feel the love. Each container of Ecos Oxo Brite Multi-Purpose Stain Remover contains over 50 years of scientific passion and sustainable goodness. Our Oxo Brite Multi-Purpose Stain Remover is extraordinarily effective and concentrated with mineral based power. Each scoop gives you extra-strength cleaning that's safer for your family-no phosphates, no chlorine, no bleach, no dyes or optical brighteners. Just love. Up to 58 loads. Facebook. Earth Friendly Products. For more information on our ingredients, visit Not tested on animals . No animal ingredients. Manufactured using zero waste guidelines in family owned and operated plants powered by 100% renewable energy. Made with love.

Use Carefully: Don't use on wool, silk, leather, hemp or any fabric or surface that is not water-safe. For the Home: carpet stains & odors; upholstery; grout; calcium buildup; decks; outdoor furniture; bathroom surfaces; pet messes. For Spot Treating of Fabric and Surfaces: For the Home: For multi-surface cleaning, dissolve 2 scoops of Oxo Brite Multi-Purpose Stain Remover into one gallon of warm to hot water. For tough set-in stains on hard surfaces, apply mixture to surface and let stand for 5-30 minutes. Scrub after soaking, if necessary. Then rinse thoroughly. For bathroom tiles and grout, mix 1 scoop for every 2 tablespoons of water to make a paste. Apply to surface and let sit for one hour. Scrub surface thoroughly and rinse with water. Color Safe - Use in Every Load Brighter Whites. Brighter Colors: In the Wash: Add 1/2 scoop for brightening. For larger or very soiled loads, use 1 full scoop. For top loading machines, pour detergent and Oxo Brite Multi-Purpose Stain Remover into the machine first. Fill machine with water before adding laundry. For he machines, simply add detergent and Oxo Brite Multi-Purpose Stain Remover to dispenser. For tough stains that need a little more love, presoak for best results.

Country of Origin

Illinois,Made In The USA Using Thoughtfully Sourced Global Ingredients: CA,New Jersey,USA,Washington