Garbage Gripper Reusable Trash Liner Bands

Garbage Gripper Reusable Trash Liner Bands

2 ct pkg


Garbage Gripper (Trash Liner Bands).


Use responsibly and safely. Not intended for children's use. Not suitable for extreme cold.


Garbage Gripperâ„¢. 2 Bands - 2 sizes. For kitchen, bath, office. Up to 55 gal. drum. Reusable - Simple to use! Lasts and lasts! Dishwasher safe. Reusable trash liner bands. Hold up your trash bags! Use less bags! Packaged in USA. An environmental helper. Large Band: 15 in. x 7/16 x 1/20. Small Band: 9 in. x 3/8 x 1/20. No more mess! Many households uses: Office / bath, large / small cans. Crock pot lids. Sleeping bags. Litter boxes. Yoga mats. Does what a Bungee Cord can't. On-the-go. 36 other uses... Leave some in a kitchen drawer, and be surprised what you end up using them for later! Visit:

Easy Instructions: Wrap Garbage Gripper around appropriate item to hold in place.


Garbage Gripper