Pet Zone Beam & Bow Scratching Square

Pet Zone Beam & Bow Scratching Square

1 ct box


Pet Zone® Beam & Bow Scratching Square Scratching Toys. Stimulating, scratching, sensation. Multiple surfaces for scratching. Stupendous sisal. With two bonus toys! Why cats scratch: Cats' claws continue to grow throughout their lives. From time to time, as claws grow, they become too long to be nourished by the cat's body, and they need to be shed. Scratching is the cat's natural method of shedding the outer nail layer, helping to maintain healthy claws and paws. The beam and bow scratching square is more than just a pair of scratchers to help maintain healthy claws and deter unwanted scratching behavior. It's also a comfortable arch for stretching and lounging and a fleecy surface for sitting. Cats will have double the fun with two fluffy bonus toys, one attached to each scratcher. Get ready! Fun and joy is in the air with the beam & bow scratching square! Please recycle. Public Company Symbol: OPCO. 1-800-565-2695. ©2014 Pet Zone®.

1. Remove corrugate wrap. 2. Place post screw into hole in center of base and twist to the right until tight.

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