Pet Zone Cat Scratcher

Pet Zone Cat Scratcher

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Cat Scratcher.


Scratcher is not intended for dogs or children. Supervise use. Pet Zone® catnip has been selectively grown for your cat's pleasure and is intended for cat use only. Not intended for human consumption. Monitor play.


Pet® Zone Cat Scratcher. Alpine climb™ incline. Ideal scratching angle! Keeps claws healthy. Redirects scratching from furniture. Includes North-American grown catnip. Scratching is a cat's natural method of shedding the outer nail layer of their claws, helping to maintain healthy claws and paws. The Pet Zone® Alpine Climb™ Incline Cat Scratcher provides cats with a premium corrugate surface which grooms their nails. Cats appreciate the tight nooks and crannies that the corrugate provides which helps them keep their nails healthy. The scratcher is at an ideal scratching angle and is reversible for double the scratching life. Pet Zone® catnip has been grown to achieve the strongest, most aromatic catnip ever produced. Catnip is an herb that grows naturally in the environment. Catnip is considered safe for animals and humans. Made from recycled materials. Some assembly required. Proudly designed in the U.S.A. Please recycle. This product may be protected under one or more patents. Call: 1-800-565-2695. Visit: For additional details, see our website at ©2015 Pet Zone®.

1. Remove the plastic wrap. Take the flat base and unfold the top flap back. 2. Spread the base apart so that the base forms a wedge. Ensure the side walls of the base are completely straight and bend the wall flaps towards the inside of the base. 3. Fold the top flap toward the inside of the base and insert the 3 flaps into their designated slots. The base should take on a solid wedge shape. 4. Remove the labels on the top of the base to expose the sticky surfaces. 5. Place the scratching tray onto the sticky surfaces making sure that it is aligned with the base and the thick edge of the tray is at the top. Lightly press the tray onto the base to ensure that there is no tray movement. 6. Place the scratcher in a convenient location. Tip: Redirect scratching by placing the scratcher near furniture or areas where the cat has been scratching and sprinkle catnip onto the scratching surface. 7. When the scratching block is worn out, remove and replace it with the fresh side facing up. Note: Cats begin to appreciate catnip between 6 and 8 months of age. To keep catnip fresh, store in a cool, dark place.

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