SmartyKat Incline Scratcher Sisal Angle With 100% Organic Catnip

SmartyKat Incline Scratcher Sisal Angle With 100% Organic Catnip

1 ct pkg


For pets only. Contains small parts. Keep out of reach of children. Pets should be supervised when using this product. Remove any strands of sisal that may become loose. Immediately remove from pet if any part becomes loose or detached. Store out of pet's reach when not in use. Do not use or store near heat or flame. Remove all packaging and dispose of properly.


Smarty Kat® Incline Scratcher Sisal Angle™ with 100% Organic Catnip. Incline sisal scratcher with SmartyKat organic catnip. Strong and stable wooden structure at an angle cats love. Safe, pure and potent. Attracts cats to toys, scratchers & bedding. 1 oz pouch. 2 oz shaker. Complete Needs®. Stimulation. Safe for pets. Satisfaction guaranteed. Complete Needs®. Sisal. Safe for pets. Satisfaction guaranteed. Seagrass. Carpet. Jute. Sisal. Deterrents. Corrugated. The Complete Needs® system helps you understand your cat's emotional, instinctual and physical needs, and provides products to meet those needs. Scratching is normal behavior for cats. Sisal, a naturally durable material, is woven into rough textures that cats love to scratch at any angle. Place scratchers near your cat's food bowl, favorite resting spots and frequent scratching targets to help deter inappropriate scratching. Regularly adding catnip to the sisal attracts your cat and maintains your cat's interest overtime. Safe for pets. 100% Satisfaction. Eco Advantages®: Made with real sisal, a quick growing natural material. Catnip organically grown without pesticides or chemicals. Safe for pets: SmartyKat® products meet or exceed all applicable safety standards. Satisfaction guarantee: if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase call 1-800-WORLDWISE. Designed in USA. SmartyKat organic catnip is certified by ECOCERT SA. Learn more about your pet. Visit: Look for other SmartyKat toys, scratchers, beds, litter accessories, catnip and grooming products where SmartyKat products are sold.

1. Remove packaging and dispose of properly. 2. Open the included bag of catnip and sprinkle it over the entire sisal surface of the Sisal Angle. Rub the catnip into the surface of the scratcher. This will help activate the natural catnip fragrance. Reseal catnip bag and store in a cool, dry place out of your cat's reach. 3. Place the Sisal Angle in a spot where your cat will feel comfortable, preferably near sofas, chairs or your cat's other former favorite scratching targets. Care instructions: Spot clean with a clean, moist towel. Dry thoroughly. Do not immerse in water.

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