Companion Cat Grass Kit

Companion Cat Grass Kit

1 ct pkg


Intended for pet use only. Keep out of reach of children. Caution: do not add fertilizers or pesticides.


Companion™ Cat Grass Kit. Quality & Trust Guarantee. Just add water! Kit includes everything to grow cat grass. Oat seeds 1 Oz (28g). Potting Soil 9.4 CU IN (75 cm3). Cat Grass Kit Contains: Pure Seed: Oats, Variety. Not Stated 99.15%. Other Crop Seed 0.56%. Inert Matter 0.28%. Weed Seed 0.01%. Noxious Seed 0.00%. Germination 91.00% . Quality guaranteed or your money back. © 2017 Ahold Licensing Sarl.

Germinates in 5-7 days. Keep moist. 1. Before removing lid, make 4-6 small holes in the bottom of the container. 2. Remove lid, open seed pack and stir in seeds. Make sure the seeds are covered. 3. Put container on a small saucer and add water to completely moisten the soil. Drain any excess water. Cover loosely and place in a warm, dark area. 4. When the seeds start growing, remove the lid and move it to a sunny area. Water it when the soil surface becomes dry. 5. When the sprouts are about 4 inches high, they are ready for your cat to eat. In several weeks, the sprouts will wither naturally.

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