Jackson Galaxy Air Prey Wand Retractable Cord

Jackson Galaxy Air Prey Wand Retractable Cord

1 ct pkg


Jackson Galaxy® Air Prey Wand Retractable Cord. Adjustable telescoping. Length (32"). If your cat stalks moths and chases flying objects, you have a cat who prefers Air Prey! 30" Retractable cord. Use button to retract cord quickly. Hunt, catch, kill, eat, groom, sleep. The building blocks that define cat mojo engage "raw cat" instinct to build confidence. Daily play with the Air Prey Wand will engage raw cat instincts and build a stronger bond! Call: 1-877-PETMATE. Visit www.petmate.com. © Doskocil Manufacturing Company, Inc. d/b/a Petmate 2015.

To Use: Extend the telescoping portion to your desired length. Pull the retractable cord from the end, pushing the button to retract. Wave the toy simulate the hunt for airborne targets.

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