Pet Zone Instinct Toy Three Twine'd Mice

Pet Zone Instinct Toy Three Twine'd Mice

3 ct pkg


Remove toy from pet if any part becomes loose or damaged. Always supervise play. Not intended for dogs. Keep out of reach of children.


Pet® Zone Instinct Toy Three Twine'd Mice™. Three toys means three times the fun. Stimulating sounds. Tempting textures. Includes catnip. Pet Zone® instinct cat toys are made to let cats be cats, allowing them to jump, pounce and chase their pray, keeping them busy and positively engaged with the world around them! These colorful and fun toys stimulate the senses and reward kitty with healthy play. Sometimes it's good to have a mouse in the house, especially when it's a Pet Zone® mouse. Watch your kitty chase, paw and hunt these adorable mice for fantastic exercise and hours of playful fun! Please recycle. Call: 1-800-565-2695. ©2014 Pet Zone®.

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