Flexi 16 Foot Cord Pet Leash Small Red

Flexi 16 Foot Cord Pet Leash Small Red

1 ct pkg


Special precautions & warnings: Because this leash is retractable, it requires special precautions to reduce the risk of injury. Who can use this leash? This leash should only be used by responsible people who have read and can follow all of these pre-cautions. Anyone who uses this leash must be able to control the dog and watch the dog closely at all times to keep it from running off or wrapping anyone in the cord. Keep out of reach of small children. Never let anyone play with this leash. Is this leash right for your dog? Do not use this leash with a disobedient or uncontrollable dog, since they are more likely to wrap the cord around people or to run off at high speeds. Only use this leash with a dog that does not exceed the weight limit listed on the leash. Leashes for larger dogs have a tape or belt instead of a cord to reduce the risk of amputations and cuts. Even small dogs can pull hard enough to injure you, particularly because the length of the leash allows dogs to run and build up speed. Follow all of these precautions even with a small dog. Consider where you will go: You can use the flexi™ retractable leash anywhere you would normally go with your dog. However, the leash is designed to give your dog more freedom while on a leash. For example, if you go to the vet, groomer or any crowded place, you cannot give your dog the additional freedom. You need to have the leash fully retracted and the brake locked. (Please refer to paragraph "Injury to Bystanders"). You may want to consider using a regular, non retractable leash in these circumstances. Use this leash only as intended: Follow the"Directions" section in the enclosed pamphlet. Never attach more than one dog to the leash. Never use more than one flexi™ leash at a time. Never attach any accessories to the leash housing unless they are sold or approved by flexi™. Eye and face injuries: If your dog's collar breaks, or if the leash disconnects from the collar, the hook can snap back and seriously injure your eye or face. Always use the enclosed safety collar in addition to your dog's collar to keep the leash from snapping back. Cuts and burns: If the cord runs across skin, it can cause abrasions (like a rope burn) or severe cuts. Finger amputation and fractures: If the cord wraps around fingers or catches on a ring, a hard pull on the leash can amputate fingers. Never touch the cord or allow it to wrap around any part of your body. Falls: Because the flexi™ leash is longer than regular leashes, your dog can build up more speed and pull on it harder, possibly pulling you to the ground. Injuries to bystanders: Bystanders are at risk of all of the injuries described in the enclosed pamphlet. In particular, they can be cut by the cord If they contact it or if it wraps around them. They might also trip on the leash. Bystanders include runners, people on skates or bikes ... Pay special attention to these bystanders as they may approach at high speeds. When around other people or animals, shorten the leash and keep your dog at your side with the leash locked. Avoid using the flexi™ leash near small children, including children in strollers. Everyone who uses this leash must read the enclosed special precautions and directions pamphlet. For a replacement pamphlet or with questions, call 1-855-353-9462 or visit www.flexi-northamerica.com.


Flexi® 16 Foot Cord Pet Leash. The original. Multi box for treats or bags (sold separately). Small max. 26 Lbs. Slot for multi box. Cord retractable leash. The original retractable leash. “Directions for use” and other helpful videos please go to www.flexi-northamerica.com.

Directions for us: 1. To operate: Hold the flexi leash by the handle, not the leash cord. The leash cord will run in and out freely without sagging. 2. To stop leash: Press the brake button down firmly with your thumb. The brake will stay locked as long as the button is pressed. 3. To lock brake: Press the brake button down firmly and with your thumb push the lock forward. The leash will remain at a fixed length. It is recommended to use the permanent lock only when you want the dog to walk to heel. 4. To release brake lock: Press the brake button with your thumb; next, using your thumb, draw back the lock; then slowly release the brake button. Always use the enclosed safety collar in addition to your dog’s collar!

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