Ruffin' It Fur-B-Gone 2-in-1 De-Shedding Tool

Ruffin' It Fur-B-Gone 2-in-1 De-Shedding Tool

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De-shedding blade removes stubborn undercoat. Rake brush is perfect for capturing loose hair. De-Shedding blade flips to rake comb. 2 Key grooming tools on one handle. Guarantee! Best way to remove loose hair and stop shedding problems. Ruffin' It Fur-B-Gone 2 in 1 De-Shedding tool with its Suregrip Comfort Handle is the perfect tool to help control shedding. The stainless De-Shedding blade easily grabs and removes loose hair from pet's undercoat without cutting the hair in the process. The rake brush quickly and safely removes any remaining loose hair while smoothing the pet's coat. Available in 2 sizes, small & large. A family company.

How to Use: Start with the De-Shedding blade and work through the coat from front to back. Then flip the blade to the rake brush to remove the loose hair. Use regularly for best results.

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