LumaBone The Stick Durable Dog Chew Medium

LumaBone The Stick Durable Dog Chew Medium

1 ct pkg


Allergy Warning: Made in a facility that processes peanuts.


Made with real wood. Under 60 lbs. Absolutely fetching. Dogs may never fly, but Lumabone will rocket your beloved pup to cloud nine. Why? Because the Lumabone Stick is a whole lot better than the sticks in your back yard. It's made right here in the good ole USA with nothing but nylon and real maple wood. Let's face it - real sticks are a dirty, splintering mess. Turbocharge your fetch game and toss your dog a Lumabone. At Lumabone, we're in the business of making dogs happy, and there's nothing more important to us than the safety of your dog. So let's get the obvious out of the way: Is it hard? Yes. Is it edible? No. Will it last forever? Definitely not. Check out the inside of this package or for more on keeping your pup safe. Meet Alyssa: Alyssa packs Lumabones in a jiffy, and is a master forklift driver. When she's not making the rest of us feel inadequate, she's busy packing knowledge for her nursing degree. Our Happiness Pledge: Happy? Awesome. Have an issue? Reach out to info(at) and we'll make it right.

Country of Origin

USA,USA Made & Sourced. Made With Pride In Upstate New York.