Ruffin' It Chomp'Ems Slow Roasted Purehide Sticks Bacon Flavor

Ruffin' It Chomp'Ems Slow Roasted Purehide Sticks Bacon Flavor

4 oz bag


Beefhide, Bacon Flavor.


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High in protein, low in fat. Slow roasted purehide. Healthy, natural beefhide chews supports canine dental health. 100% Digestible. Made without chemical processing. Ruffin’ It’s Purehide Chews aren't like other hide chews. They are slow roasted to lock in the natural flavor your dog loves and to preserve the high protein levels that support muscle growth. No chemical processing is used, so these premium extra thick beefhide chews remain easily digestible for your dog. They provide a good, long chew, providing important dental benefits, such as strengthening teeth and gums and helping to control tartar and plague. A naturally healthy chew for any size dog. Ruffin’ It - Quality pet treats and accessories.

Feeding Instructions: Purehide Chew Sticks are intended as a chew and are not a complete diet. Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise, a balanced diet and lots of water. Safety: As with all chewing products. supervise your dog when giving this chew. Not for human consumption. Wash hands after handling. Give to your dog on an easy to clean surface.

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Westminster Pet Products