Bullibone Dog Bone Peanut Butter M-L Dog

Bullibone Dog Bone Peanut Butter M-L Dog

1 ct pkg


Nylon, Peanut Butter Flavoring And Krill Oil.


Bullibone Dog Bone Peanut Butter. Get your paws on a Bullibone. Enhanced with krill oil. Peanut butter flavored thru-out entire bone. Super tuff. Long lasting nylon. Ingestible and safer than rawhide. VET recommended. Medium to large dogs. Product packaged in USA. With easy-hold paw pads. Bullibones are fully permeated peanut butter nylon chews, helping to satisfy your dog's chewing needs along with receiving the best of dental hygiene. Man's best friend deserve the best in overall health, and that health includes excellent dental hygiene. Bullibones are just that product you need for your dog's daily oral health needs. Reducing tartar, plaque, the freshening of your dog's breath and the maintaining of healthier gums are all important in achieving full canine dental hygiene. What make Bullibone different from other chews? Bullibone is a fully permeated peanut butter nylon chew that holds the peanut butter flavor throughout the entire chew, also with its easy hold paw pads, your dog will enjoy the ease and comfort of the chew's shape. Satisfies chewing needs. Less destructive chewing. Helps clean teeth. Permeated peanut butter flavor throughout entire chew. Visit: www.bullibone.com.

Your Billibone Chew: Should only be used while your canine is under supervision. Your canine should not be able to bite off large pieces, and replace your canine's Bullibone once the ends are chewed off. Always match your Bullibone size according to the size of your canine.

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