Pup Squeakz Plush And Squeaky Toy

Pup Squeakz Plush And Squeaky Toy

1 ct pkg


Pup Squeakz Plush and Squeaky Toy. Durable double squeaker. No stuffing. No mess. What's the sound of your pet's happiness? The fun squeaks they'll hear every time they play with a squeezable, squeakable Pup Squeakz plush pet toy. There's a whole playful menagerie, and there's no stuffing so there's no mess. You can be confident in the quality and fun built into every Pup Squeakz plush and squeaky toy. All other symbols, marks, logos and designs (collectively "trademarks") are trademarks of and proprietary to their respective owners and used under license by KTR Group. Contents may vary in style, color, shape and decoration from images shown on package or in advertising. Questions or comments? www.pupsqueakz.com or [email protected] All new material. Content: Polyester fiber. www.pupsqueakz.com. All rights reserved.


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