Spot Seek A Treat Connector Puzzle Flip 'N' Slide

Spot Seek A Treat Connector Puzzle Flip 'N' Slide

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Caution: to ensure the safety of your pet, supervise your pet at all times during play. Do not allow your pet to play with the toy if any part of the toy comes loose or separated. This toy is intended to be used only with supervision.


Spot® Puzzle Flip 'N' Slide™ Seek-A-Treat™ . Your dog finds the treats that you hide and is rewarded for being smart! Increase the challenge - add other Connector Puzzles™ for more fun! Slide 'N' Swivel™. Connector Puzzle™. Flip 'N' Slide™. Dog IQ puzzle. Create a bigger play center by adding more Connector Puzzles™. Perfect for multiple dogs! ©2014 Ethical Products, Inc.

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