Buffalo Range Dog Treats Jerky Braids - 5 ct

Buffalo Range Dog Treats Jerky Braids - 5 ct

4.6 oz pkg


Buffalo Rawhide, Buffalo Meat, Vegetable Glycerin, Gelatin, Natural Flavor.


Caution: This is a dog treat and not for human consumption. Always supervise dog while chewing and discard small or broken pieces to minimize risk of choking/obstruction hazards. For you dog's safety, wash hands prior to handling any treat.


No added dyes or fillers. Highly digestible. 100% grass-fed buffalo. Contains No: artificial preservatives. Added dyes. Added salt or sugar. artificial flavors. Artificial meats. Fillers or glue. Corn, soy or GMOs. Wheat, gluten or grain. No GMOs. Natural buffalo treats. Premium buffalo rawhide jerky. Irresistible Buffalo Jerky dogs crave. Helps promote dental health. Proven irresistible in taste tests (Based on independent palatability tests, January 2019). In a place where healthier is just as important as tastier, the quality of our flavorful buffalo rawhide chews sets us apart. Out here, we only use 100% grass-fed buffalo. And not only is buffalo leaner and healthier than beef (Buffalo meat vs beef, USDA National Nutrient Database), our natural rawhide chews are free of Artificial preservatives too. In short, they're as natural as your dog's instinct to chew. So welcome to where real, simple, and flavorful ingredients roam free. Welcome to Buffalo Range. Highly digestible buffalo rawhide. Mouth-watering Buffalo Jerky strips. 100% grass-fed satisfaction. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram.

Feeding Guide: Ensure treat size is slightly larger than dog's mouth. Feed as a treat or reward and not as a meal replacement. Always provide dog with fresh, clean water a all times. For animal use only.

Country of Origin

Product Of Cambodia.


Hero Pet Brands LLC