K9 Cookhouse Sweet Potato Duck Jerky Dog Treats

K9 Cookhouse Sweet Potato Duck Jerky Dog Treats

8 oz pkg


Duck Breast Meat, Sweet Potato, Vegetable Glycerin, Natural Flavors.


These products are intended as treats only. This is not a complete, well balanced diet.


Gluten free. Grain free. 100% natural duck. Wholesome treats dogs can't resist! Here at K-9 Cookhouse, we believe that your dog is one of the most important members of your family, and helping to maintain his health and happiness is high on our list of priorities. That's why we rounded up this line of soft & chewy treats using only the best ingredients. - David Quik. Treated by irradiation. No artificial flavors, fillers, or byproducts.

Recommended Feeding Guidelines: Small Dogs (6-12 lbs) - 2-4 pieces. Small-Medium Dogs (12-25 lbs) - 4-6 pieces. Medium Dogs (25-50 lbs) - 6-10 pieces. Large Dogs (over 50 lbs) - 10-16 pieces. Always provide clean, fresh water daily.

Country of Origin

China,Made In China. Tested In The USA.


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