Uncle Ben's Long Grain & Wild Rice Original Recipe 23 Herbs & Seasonings

Uncle Ben's Long Grain & Wild Rice Original Recipe 23 Herbs & Seasonings

6 oz box


Sat Fat

Nutrition Facts

3 servings per container

Serving Size
2.0 oz (0.25 cup)
Amount per serving
% Daily Value*
Total Fat
0.5g 1
Saturated Fat
0g 0
Trans Fat
0mg 0
650mg 27
Total Carbohydrate
42g 14
Dietary Fiber
1g 4
Total Sugars
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
190mg 5
*The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.


Enriched Parboiled Rice [Long Grain Rice, Iron (Ferric Orthophosphate), Thiamin (Thiamine Mononitrate), Folate (Folic Acid)]; Wild Rice; Seasoning Blend [Hydrolyzed Soy/Corn/Wheat Protein; Onion*; Autolyzed Yeast Extract; Parsley*; Sugar; Spinach*; Garlic Powder; Salt; Potassium Chloride; Torula Yeast; Spices; Celery*; Natural Flavors; Onion Powder; Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein; Citric Acid; Natural Smoke Flavor; Tomato*; Carrots*: Turmeric (Color); Extractives Of Paprika (Color)]. *Dried.


May contain milk.

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Uncle Ben's® Long Grain & Wild Rice Original Recipe. "Perfect Every Time"®. With 23 Herbs and seasonings. Flavored grains. What's inside... per serving: Calories 200, 10% DV. Total fat 0.5g, 1% DV. Sat fat 0g, 0% DV. Sugars 1g. Sodium 650mg, 27% DV. Based on a 2,000 calorie diet. *No DV defined. Uncle Ben's® long grain & wild rice original recipe helps turn ordinary meals into something extraordinary. Plus, it is part of a well balanced diet. It is low in fat, and also has these other nutritional benefits: Cholesterol free. No saturated fat. See nutrition facts for sodium content. Fruits, grains, vegetables, protein, dairy. choosemyplate.gov. Whole grain. 9g or more per serving. wholegrainscouncil.org. Eat 48g or more of whole grains daily. What's inside... guideline daily amounts (GDAs) provide quick, easy, and clear nutrition information to help you make informed decisions about the foods you eat. To learn more visit www.marshealthyliving.com. We would love to hear from you! (Please have this package available). 1-800-54-UNCLE. 1-800-548-6253. Please recycle. Get recipes and more at unclebens.com. Partially produced with genetic engineering. ®/TM trademarks ©Mars, Incorporated.

Stovetop - preferred method: Step 1: Combine rice, contents of seasoning packet, 2 1/4 cups water and 1 tbsp butter or olive oil (optional) into a medium saucepan. Stir well. Step 2: Bring contents to a boil. Reduce heat (medium-low) and simmer covered 20 minutes or until water is absorbed. Step 3: Remove from heat and set aside for 5 minutes before serving. To prepare 2 boxes of Uncle Ben's® long grain & wild rice original recipe: use 4-1/4 cups water and 2 Tbsp. butter or olive oil (optional) and follow steps 1 and 2 of the stove top cooking directions. Alternate cooking method: For best results, use stovetop cooking method. Microwave: 1. Combine rice, contents of seasoning packet, 2 1/4 cups water and 1 tbsp butter or olive oil (optional) in a 2-qt microwave-safe glass bowl. Stir well. 2. Cover tightly with microwave-safe lid or plastic wrap and microwave on high for 5 minutes. 3. Reduce to medium (50%) for 15-20 minutes. Stir occasionally. Remove from microwave. Let stand covered for 5 minutes or until water is absorbed. Microwave ovens vary. Cooking times are approximate. Adjust cooking time as needed.

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