Telma Beef Flavour Stock Cube - 3 ct

Telma Beef Flavour Stock Cube - 3 ct

1.5 oz pkg

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Salt, Potato Starch, Flavour Enhancer (Monosodium Glutamate), Sugar, Hydrogenated Palm Oil, Passover Yeast Extract, Dehydrated Onions, Artificial Colour (Caramel), Spices And Spice Extracts, Anticaking Agent (Silicon Dioxide), Natural Color (Turmeric Extract).


Telma Beef Flavour Stock Cube. 2 servings. For nutritional information: please write: Telma, 63-65 North Hook Rd Bayonne NJ 07002 U.S.A. Beef flavour broth cubes 45g. Unilever. Kosher for passover - parve under supervision of the Chief Rabbinate Haifa.

For soup: crumble cube into 2 cups (450ml) of boiling water, simmer for 5 minutes. For extra beef flavour: add crumbled cube to enrich gravies and stews. For heartier soup: add parsley and cooked vegetables.

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Unilever Israel Foods Ltd.


52, Julius Simon Rd., Haifa, Israel