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Written by our Nutritionists, we focus on ensuring you’re living a balanced lifestyle that offers a flexible, livable approach to health and wellness. You’ll not only learn how to experiment with fresh products, how to get your kids involved in the kitchen, and get advice on how to choose more nutritious foods – we’ll give you valuable advice on which foods can help with the mental and emotional stresses of life.

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Tips & Tricks for Halloween

Halloween is such fun for kids, but sometimes they need a little help making good food choices amid the parties and trick-or-treating. If you're haunted by the idea of navigating through all that junk food, here are a few tips that will help.

Eat & hydrate before heading out: A group of hungry, dehydrated, sugar-intoxicated kids can be frightening for any parent! Plan to have a warm and hearty meal before trick-or-treating (try these Jack-O-lantern Stuffed Peppers). Don't forget to pack a reusable water bottle to sip between houses!

Mix in fruit-based options: Look for treats that have a fruit base and no artificial flavors or colors. Think chocolate-covered raisins, 100% fruit leather, fig cookies, and small boxes of dried fruit.

Go with whole grains: Granola bars, trail mix, popcorn, and small boxes of cereal can satisfy a sweet tooth while also providing fiber, vitamins and minerals. Take a break away from chocolatey treats with this Apple Cinnamon Popcorn.

Balance treats with nutritious pairings: Break larger pieces of candy into smaller bites or supplement with a glass of water, low-fat milk, a small piece of fruit or string cheese. Try these Eyeball Deviled Eggs for a protein-rich snack.

Pass out non-food treats: Kids love Halloween-themed items like pencils, erasers, magnets, stickers, and glow-in-the-dark necklaces. Encourage activity with jump ropes, chalk, bouncy balls and bubbles.

Set daily candy limits in advance: Agree on how much candy your child is allowed to eat on Halloween night and each day after. Be sure to set an end date or their stash can last until the New Year.

Keep candy out of sight: "Out of sight, out of mind" works here. If you're lucky, they may even forget it is there! Teach kids that candy is a treat that can be enjoyed after all other nutrient needs for the day are met.

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Our Nutritionists

Put your health in good hands with our Nutritionists. They’re here to help you and your family stay well and make better food choices. Look for them as your shop, attend a class, or schedule a private consultation to discuss your nutritional needs. Read their bios and contact information as well as find their class schedules here.

Julie Hersey,

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Chelmsford, MA

Hi! I'm Julie Hersey, the Nutritionist for Stop & Shop New England. I am a Registered Dietitian with a passion for helping our customers select, prepare and enjoy healthier foods. I can help to translate the complex science of nutrition into practical tips for you and your family. Whether you are learning to manage a medical condition, confused by food labels or just stuck in a rut, I am here to help.

Julie is currently on leave but she will be back to answer your questions later this summer
you can e-mail questions and she will respond when she is back in the office:
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Healthy Kids

Kids are our future and we want to make it easy for them to learn how to form nutritious choices that last a lifetime. We offer two nutrition programs for parents and educators that help kids discover healthier products in our stores as well as interactive activities for the home and classroom. These programs inspire kids and address physical fitness, feeling good, balance, and energy. We’ve also built a collection of Savory recipes that are kid-friendly and easy enough for kids to help in the kitchen.

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Passport to Nutrition

Curriculum for Teachers & Parents

Passport to Nutrition will help your kids, ages 8-12, learn about the importance of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. The kit shares fun ways to get moving and eat right with interactive games and activities

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Store Tours

These free, hands-on store tours help kids learn about making healthy choices through good nutrition. Our guided store tours take kids grades PreK-6th throughout our grocery aisles to discover healthy ideas.

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